Entry #13

I'm engaged!!

2010-08-27 10:24:42 by DarkJade05

So I was in Texas, visiting my boyfriend stationed there in El Paso. We were chilling in the hotel, and tells me he want to ask me something, but didn't know if he should. Me being who I am, started asking questions about his question:

Me :"Is it going to make me cry?"
Him: "Uh, donno, it might."
Me: "Am I going to get mad?"
Him: "I highly doubt it."
Me: "Hmm, are you afraid of the answer?"
Him: *after some thought* "No."
Me: "Then ask me."
Him: *after searching my eyes intently* "Marnee Singh, will you marry me."
Me: *slowly smiling big, feeling warm and fuzzy inside* "Yes." *romantic smooches* :D

Oh yes, very sweet and romantic. I still get warm and fuzzy when I think about it. *sigh* So now I'm back in Vegas, trying to decide when to do this while I have limited information on when he has leave again. I'm a simple kind of gal, I just want people I love to be there, i.e. family select friends. I'm not much of a throw a big bash kind of person and I'd like to save money for this new life I will be starting with this amazing man. That is just logical in my information. Hell I won't even spend more than $100 on the dress. I mean I could make it myself(which is what I will probably end up doing). There really aren't any modest styles out there in the world. Making one would mean more to me.

So there you have it. I'm no longer single, and finally found a man who makes me happy. :3


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