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I'm engaged!!

2010-08-27 10:24:42 by DarkJade05

So I was in Texas, visiting my boyfriend stationed there in El Paso. We were chilling in the hotel, and tells me he want to ask me something, but didn't know if he should. Me being who I am, started asking questions about his question:

Me :"Is it going to make me cry?"
Him: "Uh, donno, it might."
Me: "Am I going to get mad?"
Him: "I highly doubt it."
Me: "Hmm, are you afraid of the answer?"
Him: *after some thought* "No."
Me: "Then ask me."
Him: *after searching my eyes intently* "Marnee Singh, will you marry me."
Me: *slowly smiling big, feeling warm and fuzzy inside* "Yes." *romantic smooches* :D

Oh yes, very sweet and romantic. I still get warm and fuzzy when I think about it. *sigh* So now I'm back in Vegas, trying to decide when to do this while I have limited information on when he has leave again. I'm a simple kind of gal, I just want people I love to be there, i.e. family select friends. I'm not much of a throw a big bash kind of person and I'd like to save money for this new life I will be starting with this amazing man. That is just logical in my information. Hell I won't even spend more than $100 on the dress. I mean I could make it myself(which is what I will probably end up doing). There really aren't any modest styles out there in the world. Making one would mean more to me.

So there you have it. I'm no longer single, and finally found a man who makes me happy. :3

Just isn't true...

2010-04-22 08:04:07 by DarkJade05

You know how everyone says, "Just be yourself" or "People like to see the real side of you", those cliche lines about social acceptance? Total bull-honkey. I'm always myself in social situations and more often than not, I'm left feeling awkward because I say what is on my mind. Granted I have been working of filtering what I say sometimes... But should I need to? Are people so touchy now that they are offended by just about everything? Look, I work hard on being nice to everyone I come across, you'd think at least 50% of the population would display the same effort. Sheesh. I don't run my mouth to insult everyone, but if you can't take a simple joke, you need to shoot yourself in the foot. If anything, I aim to please, it's just my personality and part of my good nature(or so I'm told), so to be insulted that I say a joke that usually come from a dude, and not a chick, is utterly idiotic. Be happy that I'll get your joke based on that fact alone.

Anyway. I will continue on my quest to be me at all times despite it all...

Oh and another thing. I was reading in the news awhile back that a woman was being attacked in the street, while the neighborhood listened to her screaming for help. One guy actually yelled out his window "Hey, leave her alone!" The attacker ran away after that, leaving the woman bleeding and still screaming. She ran to the closest house and banged on the door for help, but they wouldn't let her in. Come to find out they were afraid of the guy who might come back to finish the woman off. She knocked on several doors, but got the same response. Guess what? The man DID come back and DID finish her off. Yeah, he killed her in the street, with eye witnesses, who did nothing to help this woman. No police was called until she was already dead. WHAT THE FUCK?! WHAT KIND OF PIECE OF SHIT COWARD DOES THAT?! DOES NO ONE HAVE A DECENT BONE IN THEIR BODIES LEFT?! Yeah, maybe you didn't have to actually go out there to help her, but not calling for help AT ALL until AFTER SHE WAS DEAD? Really? Is that what the human race is now? So self centered, that to be a real man is to be some mouse in a hole until the danger is over? You may not be a hero, but it doesn't mean you NOTHING AT ALL!! That was someone's daughter, sister, mother, wife, and friend. How could you go on knowing that? That makes me so mad I want to cry, seriously, I was that ashamed of my species. And I hardly ever cry...
Personally, I would have gone out there as soon as I heard this going on. I've done it before, and I'd do it again. I've got a gun. I have plenty of knives. Hell I could at least send my pitbull out for them. The mutt is the kindest creature you'll ever meet, but they won't know that... I'm not superhero, or self-righteous, but I'm not a coward either. I would help if I could, not sit on my windowsill and watched as a woman was brutally murdered as she fought violently for her life. We're more evolved than that.

Anyway, enough of my rant. But think about it. What would have you done? Could you live with something like that? I couldn't, but maybe that's just my pride talking... I doubt it though...

-Marnee aka Darlk Jade

A whole fickin' year!

2010-03-23 22:26:38 by DarkJade05

So as of today, I have been single for a whole year. I can't say I'm sorry about it, but I am a little bummed.

No loves for the Marnée <==== That is my name if you're wondering.

I have probably spend my single life at home or at work. Not too big of a fan of the Vegas lifestyle, so there isn't much for a picky gal like me to do around here. I get my kicks kickin' ass on my xbox. Or drawing. Mostly I've been about writing. I have a lot of stories floating around my head and I'm running out of room in there! Can you imagine 20 novels constantly talking to your unconscious? Its been spilling out to the real world there's so much going on in there! I'm staring off into space like I'm in high school again! I'll admit its fun, but its a hazard to my ability to keep my jobs. lol.

Maybe I should work on being more pleasant and looking less like I will stab you if you come to talk to me. I don't do it on purpose all the time, I promise. I just have one of those faces that when I think I look expressionless(like when daydreaming...) I look pissed off and will murder anyone close enough.

lol. So more smiles and more going outside. :D

Just bought a bathing suit and my goal is to look absolutely irresistible in it! After that, then I won't care again. lol....

A whole fickin' year!

My "Heinz 57" Bloodline

2010-03-20 06:01:30 by DarkJade05

I don't know why, but I have gotten many questions about my ethnicity. Something about my eyes seem exotic. While I blush inside at the compliment, it seems strange to me that it is noticeable in that feature specifically. So I'll shrug and say what the heck, why not give a little background of the many types of blood running through my veins.

I am East Indian(Like from India, duh! A little bit of Sikh royal blood in there somewhere)<-Dad
Native American: Navajo, Apache <- Dad, and Cherokee <-Mom
Spanish(Spain) <-Dad
Mexican(My grandmother swears up and down the line is closest to the Mayans, but who knows how true that is...) <-Dad
German <-Mom
French <-Mom
Norwegian <-Mom
Scotch-Irish <-Mom
English(Royal blood mixed in from several lines, discovered through my mother's hard work in genealogy) <-Mom

My mother lovingly call her kids Heinz 57 because of our diversity. I say were are the future. My parents are ahead of the rest of the human race. My brother Married and African-American and have a child together. So now there is even more dark blood in the pool. lol. Now all we need is an Asian and we'd pretty much be complete. Ha ha!

I like to think I'm just Mormon-American. HA! Love it!

Okay, I have to get my COD4 MW2 fix for the night before I crash. Ciao!

My "Heinz 57" Bloodline

Okay, so it wasn't even Halloween yet and what are we seeing? Christmas commercials. SERIOUSLY?! Hello! I want to be scared, not full of joy and peace! I love Christmas, don't get me wrong, but I love Halloween, too. I don't want one holiday ruined by another. Hell, it isn't even Thanksgiving! I'm going to be sick of Christmas before it even hits December! We're seeing decorations and gifts going on sale. I like be prepared, but seriously?

Please tell me I'm not the only one here...

Am I the only one SEVERLY pissed off?

And I mean it! I was set up on a blind date earlier this evening, and I officially don't like my friend anymore. Well, I do, but he's getting a scolding when I get my hands on him. And maybe punch him real good once or twice, or six times.

They guy I was set up with, wasn't a terrible guy. He wasn't a bad looker either. But, people, the man is 36. I'm turning 22 this year. When I was born, this guy was hitting puberty and probably screwing fellow freshmen in his high school. The guy is actually old enough to be my father. Its possible. He's never been married, which isn't a terribly big deal. If he has a kid now, he'll be 40 when the kid hit preschool. For all we know, he could have a heart attack and die when the kid is in 3rd grade.

He's someone my friend knows from work, and the job pays well, I'm sure. He seems nice and all, but I don't think we're on the same level. We talked a lot after we had dinner, well he mostly talked.... about his job... which I know a lot about since my friend also talks about the job. So it was a series of repeats for me, but I was nice and polite. My mum would have been proud. I smiled, because I do find the field interesting, its in the engineering genre(I know I'm a nerd).

HE asked a lot about me, and told me I was pretty and seemed to be a great person.... repetitively. Which is fine, most people do that on a first date because of the unsettled nerves of meeting someone new. Personally, my nerves aren't allowed to interfere if they are going to be a problem.My ex said I was heartless and cold because of that kind of control I have of myself. >shrug< It probably seems that way, but I can't help it, just how I am and people ought to be themselves. I won't change to make just anyone happy, especially if its at the cost of my own.

I digress....(I tend to do that...)

Anyway, they guy was behaved most of the time, he wasn't crude and had a good joke every so often. I was polite and contributed as much as he would let me. But when the subject turned to my religion(my friend had mentioned to him a list of rules on how to talk to a mormon girl), it let me know how much he actually wanted me to talk. Also explained why he seemed to be on eggshells around me, like I'm a delicate flower that cannot handle the word "ass" or "damn". >shrug< Don't want me to see you for who you really are, then how do you know if I can like you? Can't keep the act up forever, so why try? Granted a certain educate is appreciated and needed for first time meetings, but jeeze, relax, will ya. The poor guy was always pausing as if to erase a thought to fill it in with something more "appropriate" for my ears.

So, when he asked about my religion, I would answer or explain. But then I was actually shocked when he would stop me, and tell me I didn't have to go into that much detail. Sweetheart, I only said three words before you started interrupting me. So it became clear, he wasn't really interested. Which is fine, its not everyone's cup of tea. Just don't ask if you don't want the answer. I ended up telling him I didn't want to talk about religion. So... he went on about his job...

And the poor guy was so tense. I'm an easy going person and I want others to feel relaxed around me. You tense up and that only tells me that I should, too. Its a natural survival instinct we humans have. Anyway, I did tell him to relax a couple times, but he didn't, so I just let him stress himself out over nothing. By the end of it, he wanted to kiss me. I'm sorry, I may be very old fashioned about this, but I like knowing the feel of people before I go off and kiss someone. Don't just kiss the girl, especially in mid-sentence. I was ready for it though and moved to the side. He grazed my cheek instead, I wouldn't do that to someone. Its rude. Not good to do to someone you really don't know anything about. Isn't like you're going to get lucky if you think you're being romantic or cute or something.

Enough about that. Its off my chest, and his awkward behavior isn't bugging me anymore. I've managed not to care, because its not a big deal. Other fish out there and I still have time, I guess. :)

Hope you're having it better than I! Get ready for Halloween! I'm so excited! :D Ciao!

Marnée aka Jade

Some people ought to shoot themselves...

Ha ha, so I've been single for about 6 months or so now. And apparently, that's too long for me. I've actually started to hit on some flash artist here on newgrounds. I actually thought it was funny, but now that I'm thinking about it, I probably seemed pretty stalker-ish. So far there are only two victims, but I only meant what I said to one of them.

Ego is a hilarious guy and his animations always leave me falling off my chair. But not totally interested in him, but I did joke about liking him. I thought it was pretty funny... No response from him on the subject, though... lol.
Now Jeff, well, I actually know what the guy looks like, so I'd have to admit, he's one handsome guy and has got a nice voice. I'm not sorry for telling him he's a hottie. Thus far, he's taken it as a compliment, but I just hope that doesn't change. He's a good guy, he knows I'm not a nut case. I mean look at me, I'm a cutie myself, right? Of course he hasn't ran for the hills yet. HA HA!

Anyway. I felt like saying it to the public. I'm not a stalker, and yes, this nerd is feeling only slightly... well I'm not going to say it and ruin my lady-like image that I hope I've conveyed so far. ^.^

Much love guys. And I hope I gave a little laughter into your life, even at my own expense. :P


I Ought To Be Ashamed, But I'm Not....

I'm now on Deviantart!

2009-08-27 23:28:53 by DarkJade05


I have all kinds of thing up so far, I'm just getting started. ;) Need to get a new scanner, though... lol.

I've also put up a couple pieces on the art portal, so feel free to check them out.



I'm now on Deviantart!

I suck

2009-08-04 01:42:18 by DarkJade05

So I was on this website a minute ago, and I feel rather untalented. :( Yesterday I showed some of my work to my older sister(who is like a GOD in drawing), and she made me realize how much I suck when she wanted to correct my proportions. That's always been my problem, my real talent comes from shading. Give me something and I'll make that sucker pop out at you. >sigh< But anyway, I'm going to be starting an illustration class this or next term. I haven't decided quite yet, we're in the middle of getting a new house at the moment(yes I live with my parents. I'm single and a hermit, so I'm perfectly happy at home. No worries, I'm not a mooch, I pay my part of the rent (; ).

I think I might have to keep my attention on my writing. I already know I'm not going to meet my goal. My new years resolution was to finish one of my novels before the year was out, but half the year was dealing with a boyfriend who became too in love with the Vegas lifestyle, and people in my family needing my support due to being laid off. But now everything seems to be leveling out. I'm single now for about 6 months(woo hoo!) and everyone here has a new job. Thankfully. God is definitely watching over us.

So now that everything is as it should be, I'm back to writing and drawing. Drawing needs work because its been awhile. And it is true that if you don't use it you lose it. I'm starting to lose my touch and I would cry if I couldn't draw anymore. >cracks whip< I'm getting to work! lol

I suck

I love the art portal!!!

2009-06-23 02:41:06 by DarkJade05

I love it I love it I love it!!!! Just in case you didn't hear me: I LOVE IT!!!

Who knew there was actual talent out there? Granted a few need work done, but hey, at least they are trying! I am impressed and proud of the efforts of fellow artists.

I wonder what is to be expected in the coming months from artists around the world.

Take that talentless wankas!

I love the art portal!!!